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In this activity, kids will have a chance to see different kinds of communities and talk about the components that make them. Thinking about how these components make them feel. They will create their own ideal community on paper.


Kids will leave this activity understanding that the way communities are organized impacts people’s feelings. They will leave feeling empowered to use their imagination and feelings to create change in their community.



  1. Look closely at your sheet which contains images of different communities. What are some things you notice about them?
  2. Make a list of things you notice in the pictures, then write how each component makes you feel. For example, do you notice green spaces, schools, transportation, technology, food production, and energy? How does each make you feel?
  3. Now that you’ve seen some examples of other communities, think about how you’d like to feel in your ideal community. Then, look at the components and feelings you noted in the provided pictures.  Take a blank paper and draw YOUR ideal community. This can be a mix of some things you saw in the images or something totally different. Use your imagination!


  • What emotion(s) did you choose to base your ideal community on? What emotions did others choose? What are the similarities or differences in the chosen emotions?
  • After seeing others’ ideal communities, what do you want to add or change in yours?
  • What little contribution could you make in your community to add your chosen emotion to it?

Activity Source

Mia Skaggs & Loreta Avdiu
  1. Md Atikur Rahman

    No discrimination between rich-poor, we want equal rights for all child
    -Md Atikur Rahman, Freelance Columnist and Head of Public Relations at BUFT, [email protected]

  2. Charisse Aoki

    I am so excited to host our 1st POP UP Festival!


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7-9 minutes