Starter Kit

If this is your first POP-UP, start here.

Read these to get started:

Plus, in the teal-color menu bar above, you’ll see additional instructions to help you get the most from POP-UP Festival. To the right you’ll see yellow buttons to help you explore the online kit including special collections: Green13, Virtual, and our Top 5 recommended activities. 

POP-UP Festival To Do List

All you need for a POP-UP Festival is some of the activities from this site and some people (maybe POP-UPs are with 3-30 people, some 300 or even 3000+). To help you plan, consider these steps  for an in-person POP-UP Festival (it can be online, see tips here):

  1. Find a location and invite other volunteers to work with you.
  2. Decide who to reach and invite participants (see Who to Invite & How under Logistics); be sure to ask people to take the pre-POP-UP survey:
  3. Decide on the activities you’ll use at your festival – each is a “station” (or, like in a children’s museum, think of each on as an exhibit) 
  4. Prepare the activity stations (using the instructions digitally or by printing, plus printing any cards or handouts included) and gather additional materials such as pens and paper specified for each station
  5. Decide on additional embellishments such as music, food, decorations (if any) and arrange for those
  6. Help volunteers review the instructions for each station and maybe practice some of them so you can help people during the festival
  7. Set up the stations in an attractive way
  8. Welcome people when they arrive (don’t forget nametags). Then explore and play and learn together with the participants during the festival
  9. Clean up from the event
  10. Send an Thank You to participants with the post-survey:
    Plus share your photos and notes on social media with #EQPOPUP to join the global celebration

Already know what to do?

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