Starter Kit

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POP-UP Festival To Do List

In the following pages, you’ll see details of how to set up your festival; in thinking about the team, it may help to consider the various jobs that will need to be done:

  1. Decide on who to invite and find a location
  2. Invite participants to come (see Who to Invite & How, below)
  3. Decide on the stations you’ll use at your festival
  4. Print out the stations, as well as cards or handouts, included and gather additional materials such as pens and paper specified for each station
  5. Decide on additional embellishments such as music, food, decorations (if any) and arrange for those
  6. Read through the instructions for each station and maybe practice some of them so you can help people during the festival
  7. Set up the stations
  8. Welcome people when they arrive (don’t forget nametags!)
  9. Explore and play and learn together with the participants during the festival
  10. Clean up from the event

Already know what to do?

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