Green13 Emotion Iceberg

Think of an iceberg; what is visible above the ocean surface is only a small part of the whole. Create an Emotion Iceberg about climate change to explore your ideas and your feelings that are underneath your ideas.


Increasing awareness of emotions and behavior about climate change.



  1. Think about a recent time when you had strong feelings about climate change (you can choose any feeling such as Joy, Sorrow, Acceptance, Anger, Trust, Anticipation, etc)
  2. Pick up a blank Emotion Iceberg handout from the table. On the top part (above the water) write or draw what other people could see of your thoughts, feelings, and actions about climate change. (For example, maybe you were sad and you cried, so people could see that)
  3. Next, think about what parts of your thoughts, feelings, and actions that might not have been visible to others. Put these in the bottom part of the iceberg, underneath the water. (For example, maybe inside you were sad, but you did not show it)
  4. Add colors, pictures and details to illustrate what’s going on for you – both the visible parts and the hidden parts.


  • Find another person who made a Green13 Emotion Iceberg. In what ways are yours similar or different?
  • Were you surprised by anything you recorded underneath the surface? 
  • Next time you have a feeling, what would happen if you remember your Emotion Iceberg and tried to share your feelings more directly? To share your feelings, who would be a safe person to talk with?


This activity does not need adaptation to work online / virtually.

Invite participants to write a story, letter, or a journal entry using a wide range of feeling words showing how they would like to express feelings more on the surface.

Activity Source

Patty Freedman & Joshua Freedman

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5-15 minutes