Beyond POP-UP

Want to use POP-UP activities outside November?

Outside of November’s big event, you can host a Mini POP-UP Festival. Feel free to use the activities during other times of the year. At your Mini POP-UP Festival, encourage participants and volunteers to join you again in November to support UNICEF World Children’s Day.

Instead of one festival, you could have several mini-festivals. For example, if three families are working together on this project, you could have 3 mini festivals, each with 2-4 of the stations. Perhaps you could meet together three different weekends during November to play and explore the various stations.

While the stations are designed as a self-guided interactive experience, it’s also possible to use the stations one at a time. For example, if you are a classroom teacher, you could use one station activity per day during the month of November.

Most of the stations include suggestions on additional follow-up discussion questions or extensions to deepen the learning.  Some also have ideas for a writing assignment or journal activity for further reflection.

Please share your ideas and experiences using the stations in our Facebook Group, here is a shortcut:

There are several ways to do this event focused on adults in all roles.

  1. Choose Your Stations & Content

For the Festival, you set up “activity stations” around the room. Everyone doing this event will need to choose the stations that fit their audience. Some activities are ideal for young children, so skip those for a business audience. You’ll see that MOST of the stations will work very well for adults.

Just for example, “Feeling Walk” is one of the stations. It’s a small group exercise; one person reads a situation, and the group members discuss different ways they might react. The activity includes a bunch of situations included, such as…

“Making a presentation”

“Having a LOT to do”

Most of the content will apply, but you may need to make small adaptations based on your audience.

  1. Focus on Emotions & Well-being for Us

Get your group together and explain a bit about the U.N. World Children’s Day to make the branding of the POP-UP Festival make sense. You might say something like this:

We’re going to do some activities on emotions and well-being.

These were created for the United Nations’ World Children’s Day celebration — I’m part of a global network is doing this for children and families around the globe. But today, we’re going to use the activity to focus on ourselves as ____ (fill in the blank, e.g. adults… managers… firefighters… university professors…. community leaders… whatever role is in your group)

We’ve set up the POP-UP Festival around the room — as you can see, there are activity stations. The activities are colorful and cute because they’re part of the Children’s Day program, but the content is very applicable to us as adults.

You read the instructions, and with another person or small group, do the activity. At each station, see what you can learn about emotions and well-being — and how that applies in your life and work.

Please explore for the next 30 minutes — do 5-6 of the activities — and we’ll meet back here to discuss.

  1. Use it for Corporate Social Responsibility

This event is ideal for workplaces to use for community building and saying Thank You to families (employees, customers, local community)

Do you have an organizational customer that cares about employees who are parents, or parents & children in their local area?

A team of volunteers from the workplace can collaborate to hold a festival for employees… for employees and their children… and/or for families in the community.