Climate Action Puppet Show

Using the POP-UP Festival Characters, make a “show” to share feelings about climate change, and what to do next.


Using puppets helps children express their feelings and explore new ideas.


  • Either print the template from the POP-UP Festival Puppet Show decoration page, or draw some of the POP-UP Festival characters
  • Set up a space (such as a table, or an area on the floor, to be the stage
  • Activity Instruction Sheet (optional) click to download


  1. First, make three or more puppets. You can fold them to stand on a table or floor, or you  can attach them to a little stick, or hold them in your hands – it’s up to you!
  2. Next, imagine one of the characters heard someone say that the earth is not healthy. ** Which character will you choose?
    How do you think that character will feel?
    Make up a voice for the character, and let it tell one of the other characters how it feels about the earth.
  3. Now, imagine one of the other characters is loving and kind.
    What might this character say back?
  4. Continue telling the story. What can the characters do to make the situation better?

** You can change this instruction depending on the age of the children; the instruction should provoke feelings the child can relate to, without being totally overwhelming. For example, for very young children, it could be “the earth is having a sad day.” For older children, it could be, “temperatures around the earth are going up,” or “acid rain is falling,” or even, “the earth is burning.”  


  • Are you like one of the characters? Which one is most like you?
  • How do you feel about the earth and what’s happening in our world?
  • Some children and adults feel worried about the way the climate is changing. If one of your friends was worried about that, what do you think they could do to make the situation better? ***

*** Note: It’s not our goal to hide from difficult feelings, so we’re not trying to make the friend forget their worries. We’re trying to support the friend to feel their feelings AND to do something about the situation. 


With a small group, each child can “play” one or two different characters to make an interactive show.

Older children can make a show for younger children.

Different characters can have different ways of reacting — for example, one character might be patient, another scared, another sad, another angry, etc. This can help children explore a range of different emotions about climate change.

Activity Source

Joshua Freedman and Patty Freedman, Six Seconds

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