Dear FutureMe

In this activity, you will learn about the sustainable development goals and think about what actions you can take to help support them.


Walk away from this station with a clearer idea of who you want to be in the future.



  1. Look over the SDGs and their descriptions
  2. Choose one Sustainable Development Goal which you would like to help improve
  3. Write a letter to yourself 10 years from now with a personal goal centered around the SDG you selected.
    • Use these guided questions to help the participants with their letter:
      • What SDG is important to you and why?
        • Why did you choose that one SDG to focus on? Does it relate to some of your values or interests?
        • Perhaps you could think of someone in your family or circle of friends that is struggling with one of these SDGs. How could you help them?
      • Visualize your future self.
        • Help participants paint their future: Where do they live? What are they doing for work? Who are they surrounded by; a family, pets, friends?
      • Set some goals for your future self relating to your SDG.
        • Going back to the SDG you chose, how does it fit into the life you just imagined?
        • Think about the small action steps you could take to accomplish your goal.
  4. Seal your letter in an envelope
  5. Take letter home with you and keep in a safe place

OPTIONAL: Add postage to the letter and give to another person to mail to you in 10 years.


  • Thinking about the SDG you chose, how do you feel?
  • What action step could you take today or tomorrow to contribute to the SDG? How can you use the feeling you identified to fuel and support that action step?
  • How do you think your future self would feel when opening or receiving this letter?

Activity Source

Kristin Aoki & Loreta Avdiu

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