Pinwheel Energy

In this activity, using a pinwheel, you’ll learn about how wind can be used for clean energy. Energy is the ability to do work.


To learn about making more effective decisions.



  1. Color the pinwheel cut-out worksheet (both sides).
  2. Cut out the pinwheel and cut along the dashed lines.
  3. Take the thumbtack and poke holes in the center and four corners of the pinwheel.
  4. Twist the thumbtack to make the holes smooth (this will help your pinwheel spin).
  5. Stick the thumbtack through each of the corner holes, through the center hole, then through a bead (optional).
  6. Stick the thumbtack into the top of the pencil eraser.
  7. Blow away and watch it spin! Try blowing on the pinwheel from different directions (into your breath, 90°).


  • You experimented with the direction of blowing. Which direction of blowing made the pinwheel spin the best (most efficiently)?
  • What are some other things we do every day that we can do more efficiently? Consider your morning routine getting ready for school or work.  Can you go faster? Can you do it better? How can you make your morning run better? What is one small change you can try to improve? 
  • What are some things you need to consider in this change?  How will other people feel about you making this change? What are the good things about the plan?  What are some things to be cautious about the plan? 
  • Write this idea for a new habit on your pinwheel. Write the good things on the pinwheel.  Write the cautions on the pinwheel.
  • If time permits, pair share your pinwheel with a partner.

Activity Source

Kristin Aoki

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5-10 minutes