Setting-Up your POP-UP

The first step is selecting your activities.

All the activities can be found here. The activities can be sorted by language, age range, group size, EQ area, and Sustainable Development Goal. If you are not sure which activities to select, we curated the top 5 activities.

Below is a video to help you navigate the site:

Next, you must gather the materials for all your activities.

We suggest that you make a checklist of materials for each activity you select. Then, find a box to collect the materials for each station and attach the checklist to the outside of the box. As you add materials to the box remember to check them off the list.


Station Preparation

Some of the stations call for cards or papers to be cut-out in advance.

Again, to stay organized, you may find it helpful to put those materials into an envelope inside the folder for each station.

Volunteer Preparation

If you have other adults, or older children/teens, to help with the festival, it may be helpful to have a preparation day with those people included. Each can be assigned 1-3 stations, and they can read through the instructions for each station… and even try the activities… and make sure all materials are present.

Many stations suggest you make a sample in advance, so testing out the stations is a perfect way to get those samples created.

Discuss the flow of the festival — the setup, welcoming, closing, and cleanup. Ensure everyone understands their role is to SUPPORT, not to “instruct.” This is a festival, not a lecture! You and the volunteers are there to encourage, invite, demonstrate, ask… and to facilitate the participants to explore and talk and discover.

Shopping Tips:

There are some general items not mentioned on the checklist:

  • Some stations use sellotape (scotch tape) in the exercise; you might also want other tape or bluetac for putting stations on the wall if you so choose.
  • For stations with pens/pencils/markers, you might want to have a jar or box to hold the pens.
  • There are also other decorations that you can find on the decorations page. Remember to check these out and add necessary materials to a checklist.
  • It can also be helpful to have a piece of fabric or colored paper with each station to decorate and to make a specific “space” for the station. 

Optional: Think about the color scheme of your festival. If you are adding decorations, we suggest you match the colors of the stations.