Bullying Feelings into Action

Have you ever been in or seen a bullying situation? How does it feel, and what can you do?


Increase your understanding of frequent bullying situations, and committing to action to make it better for you and others.



  1. Choose a Situation card, or make up your own, and post it on the wall.
  2. How might it feel if you were in that situation? Choose 1-2 Feelings cards, or make up your own, and post them near your situation.
  3. What would you want / what might help you in that situation & those feelings? Choose a Wants card, or make up your own, and post it near the feelings.
  4. Now, step back and look at the wall, and the different Situations, Feelings, and Wants you see. Next time you see it happening, or right now, what will you do to help one of these situations? Write an Action, or choose an Action card, and post it near a Want to show where you will be an ally and take action. If you are willing, write your name on your Action card so others will know you are an ally committed to help in this situation.


  • How difficult or easy is it to imagine these situations? Why might that be?
  • Were you surprised by what others said they would feel or what they would want?
  • Many of the “wants” are as simple as kindness and respect — what is that something so precious? What’s challenging about giving kindness and respect to all people?
  • How do you feel about saying you’ll take action? What might be some risks and benefits of taking the action you’ve identified?


Invite participants to closely observe themselves and the world around them over the course of the next week and to write their observations using the format of this exercise. What situations are they seeing? What do people feel and want? What actions did they or others take (or not take) to make the situation better?

Activity Source

Natalie Hampton with Joshua Freedman, Patty Freedman, and Carolyn Hampton

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