Feast of Great Relationships

Think of your favorite meal. To make this meal, we might follow a recipe. What are some of the ingredients we need? Today, using relationship ingredients, we’re going to create a Recipe for Great Relationships.


Using metaphor of a great meal, what are the ingredients for a great relationship?



  1. Think about one of your favorite meals. What makes it taste great? What are the ingredients? What would be a recipe for your favorite meal? Share with a partner.
  2. Now let’s think about relationships. We’re going to think about relationships like we thought about food. What are some ingredients that go into making a great relationship?
  3. Write at least 3 ingredients on sticky notes and place them into one of the small bowls on the table.
  4. What are some of the ingredients needed for a great relationship? Look in the small bowls on the table and take out a few “ingredients.” They could be the ones you added or some others.
  5. Combining these ingredients, write your own “recipe for great relationship.” How can your meal be a metaphor of great relationships? (leave your ingredients in the small bowls for others to use). For example,
    • Maybe your feast has a basket of bread, and that represents that in great relationships, there are some things we share.
    • Maybe your feast has a menu, and that represents communication
    • Maybe at your feast, there are many different places to sit, and that is a metaphor of different kinds of relationships we have with people.
  6. By yourself or with a partner, draw a picture or make a map of your feast, showing some of the key ideas for how to build a Recipe for Great Relationships.


  • Some dishes are easier to cook, some are quite challenging. What parts of your “feast of great relationships” are easy for you, and which are harder?
  • What’s one “dish” at which you’re committed to working harder?


Drawing a map, picture, or other representation of a great relationship.

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Susan Stillman

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