When I Grow Up

In this activity, you will imagine what it would be like to be a grown-up and have a real job. But getting a job takes some planning. This activity helps you think through some of the steps to get there.


Learn about the ways different jobs help in the community and set goals to achieve those opportunities.



  1. Invite the children to sit for a moment and close their eyes to start the imagination game with you.  Ask them to take a couple of deep breaths. Ask them to imagine they are a grown-up woman or man. It is morning and they have just arrived at work. What will they do at work?  How are they helping? Who comes to see them? What is hard about their work? What do they love about their work? Ask them to open their eyes and get ready for action.
  2. Option 1: Invite the children to get a piece of paper and draw a self-portrait of themselves at work. Let the children share with a partner or in a small group. Option 2: Invite the children to get a piece of fabric from the box and use it to create their work clothing. If they need to fasten the fabric they may use clothespins or binder clips or knots to tie the fabric. Let the children play dress-up until everyone is finished and then they share with the small group or just a partner. 


  • What are some things we have in common about our jobs?  What are some of the special things about our jobs? What are some ways we can serve the community?
  • Who do you know in your family or friends who have this job?  How did they become this kind of worker? What kind of education or schooling did they pursue?  What are the special skills that this worker needs?  
  • Think for a moment about yourself.  What are some of the special talents that you have that will make you good at the job you have chosen?  How can you grow that talent inside yourself?


Activity Source

Patty Freedman
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    Important thing is the child how to get same opportunity to education and become boys and girls same quality

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      The world children’s day I will motivate alle families care and growth emotional


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