Goal Pizza

Setting Goals is a proven way to empower people and help them achieve (their own definition of) success. This activity will shows kids a fun (and yummy!) way to set goals and take action steps toward reaching them.


For children to identify their goals and to use the Three W's to successfully map out a pathway to achievement.


  • Construction paper
  • Markers/pens/colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue/Tape/Adhesive
  • Activity Instruction Sheet (optional) click to download



  1. Gather materials: A piece of paper for each person, markers/ pens/ colored pencils  for writing, drawing, and coloring
  2. Make your “Goal Pizza”: On a sheet of paper, draw a big circle, then draw lines to  section it up into four to six slices, like a pizza. Then, write different categories on the “crust” of  each slice (see photo below). For example: draw, basketball, reading, friends, family, piano. Underneath the category, write down a goal for it. For example, “I want to get to  make better grades.”
  3. Create the “toppings” for your Goal Pizza: Draw three of your favorite toppings on  each slice of pizza, making them big enough to write on. Then, write your answer to the  three W’s on each one: Who can help?,
    What do I need to do?, and
  4. Decide where your “oven” is: Put your pizza somewhere you can see it and check it  often. This will be your oven! Decide how long your pizza will need to bake to reach  your goals, and write that on your sheet of paper.
  5. Celebrate! When your pizza is fully baked, have a celebration (like a pizza party!)


  • What emotions did you feel while writing down your goals?
  • Which goals do you think will be easiest/ most challenging to achieve?
  • What other goals could you apply the three W’s to?

Activity Source

Patty Freedman

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10-20 minutes